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BA1285 Barium Sulfate Powder, BaSO4 Powder Maximize

BA1285 Barium Sulfate Powder, BaSO4 Powder

Catalog No.BA1285
CAS Number7727-43-7
AppearanceWhite Powder
PurityMin. 98%
Chemical FormulaBaSO4

Barium sulfate powder (BaSO4 powder) is a white powder or small crystal. Stanford Advanced Materials provides barium sulfate powder with the most competitive price. 

Other Barium Compounds: Barium Fluoride Powder (BaF2), Barium Chromate Powder (BaCrO4), Barium Carbonate Powder (BaCO3), Barium Titanate Powder (BaTiO3).

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Barium Sulfate Powder Description

Barium sulfate powder, or barium sulphate powder, is a white powder or small crystal that is odorless and quite insoluble in water. Its white opaque appearance and high density are exploited in its main applications. Its most well-known application is as a radiopaque agent to diagnose gastrointestinal medical conditions.

Barium Sulfate Powder (BaSO4 Powder)


Barium Sulfate Powder Specifications 


 >98 %

Particle size




Boiling point

 1600 °C


 4.25-4.5 g/cm³

Crystal structure





Barium Sulfate Powder Applications 

Barium sulfate powder (BaSO4 powder) has more applications in industries except for the use as a radiocontrast agent. Some examples are:
-Fillers-in plastics


Barium Sulfate Powder Packing 

1KG/25KG, or as required
Our barium sulfate powder (BaSO4) is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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