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BE0941 Beryllium (Be) Plate (Sheet) Maximize

BE0941 Beryllium (Be) Plate (Sheet)

Catalog No.BE0941
Purity98.5%, 99.0%
CAS Number7440-41-7
Chemical FormulaBe
ColorSteel Gray
Density1.85 g/cm3
ShapeRound, Rectangle and Custom
Melting Point1560K
ConditionVacuum Tight

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high purity Beryllium Foil and Beryllium Sheets in varying size and thickness for a wide range of industrial use. Pure Beryllium metal is available in the form of foil, rod, and plate. Other shapes are available by request.

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Description of Beryllium Plate / Sheet

Beryllium (Be) is a brittle, steel-gray alkaline earth metal. It is strong, lightweight, and has a modulus of elasticity 50% greater than steel. It is non-magnetic properties and has higher specific heat than any metal. Beryllium retains excellent properties at elevated and cryogenic temperatures, making this fascinating metal an ideal thermal conductor. 

Because of its low density and high thermal conductivity, beryllium has many applications in aerospace and military industries. Beryllium is also transparent to X-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation, making it a great material for X-ray windows. It is frequently used as a material in acoustic applications for its damping properties and high stiffness-to-weight ratio. 

beryllium window beryllium window


Specification of Beryllium Plate / Sheet

Thickness: ≥0.1mm
Width: Customized
Length: Customized
If you require beryllium in thicknesses smaller than those shown here, see Beryllium Foil.

Item No.


Chemical Component


















Item No.


Chemical Component


















Applications of Beryllium Plate / Sheet

• Used in the medical industry for imaging, diagnostics, and laser applications due to its strength and stability.
  - Beryllium is used in imaging equipment for Homeland Security.
  - Beryllium foil is used in high-resolution medical radiography.
  - Beryllium is used in analytical equipment for blood, HIV, and other diseases.

• Used in communications to manufacturing telecommunication infrastructure and telephones.
  - Beryllium materials have low electrical resistance and high thermal conductivity to support the convergence and miniaturization of compact devices.

• Used for aerospace and military applications due to its lightweight properties, low density, and high thermal conductivity. 
  - Lightweight beryllium components are frequently applied to electronics and military systems requiring precise operation under extreme conditions. 
  - Pure beryllium used in military fighter jets requiring speed and maneuverability. 
  - Beryllium components enhance surveillance and targeting systems in military helicopters. 
  - Military communications use copper beryllium alloys in network tubes, rotors, and switches due to its high strength and electrical/ thermal conductive properties.

• Miscellaneous uses include:
  - Used as a component in particle physics experiments.
  - Used as a material in acoustic applications for its damping properties.
  - Beryllium is used to manufacture x-ray tubes and detectors required to monitor the flow of water, oil, and gas during good extraction.


Packaging of Beryllium Plate / Sheet

Our beryllium sheets are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

inner package outer package

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