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BS1269 Bismuth Metal Powder (Bi Metal Powder)

Catalog No.BS1269
CAS Number7440-69-9
AppearanceBlack Powder
Purity4N, 5N, 6N
Chemical FormulaBi

Bismuth Metal Powder Supplier
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a reliable supplier of high purity bismuth metal powder. We also offer other bismuth metal products in different shapes and sizes.

Other bismuth products: Bismuth Trioxide Powder (Bi2O3 Powder), Bismuth (III) Sulfide Powder (Bi2S3 Powder), Bismuth (III) Selenide Powder (Bi2Se3 Powder)


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Bismuth Metal Powder Description

Bismuth is a silvery, crystalline, brittle metal when freshly produced and it often presents a pinkish tinge in the air. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic element, and its thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury. Bismuth metal powder has a high electrical resistance and the highest Hall coefficient.

Bismuth Metal Powder (Bi Metal Powder)


Bismuth Metal Powder Specification


4N, 5N, 6N

Particle Size

-200 Mesh, -325 Mesh, customized

Melting Point

271.3 °C

Boiling Point

1560 °C


9.8 G/Cm³

Mohs Hardness @ 20ºC


Coeff. of Expansion @ 20ºC

13.3 x 10-6

Electric Resistivity

106.8 Microhm-Cm

Crystal Structure





Bismuth Metal Powder Applications

Bismuth metal powder is widely used in:

-production of bismuth alloys
-production of welding electrode
-production of oil exploration charge
-manufacture of low melting solders and fusible alloys

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