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BS1296 Bismuth Metal Ingot (Bi Ingot) Maximize

BS1296 Bismuth Metal Ingot (Bi Ingot)

Catalog No.BS1296
Purity4N / 5N / 6N
CAS Number7440-69-9
Chemical FormulaBi

High Purity Bismuth Metal Ingot
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of bismuth metal products. We provide high purity bismuth ingot (Bi ingot) with competitive price.
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Bismuth is a brittle, crystalline, silvery white post-transition metal. It is the most diamagnetic element and its thermal conductivity is lower than any metal except mercury. It also has a high electrical resistance and the highest Hall coefficient.

bismuth ingot


Purity: 4N, 5N, 6N
Size: as required
CAS: 7440-69-9
Melting Point: 271.3 °C
Boiling Point: 1560 °C
Density: 9.8 g/cm³
Mohs Hardness @ 20ºC: 2.5
Coeff. of Expansion @ 20ºC: 13.3 x 10-6
Electric Resistivity: 106.8 microhm-cm
Crystal Structure: rhombohedral
Form: Ingot


Bismuth metal has few commercial applications, none of which is particularly large. Some examples of bismuth metal uses:
-oil perforating charge, environmental hunting rifle bullet
-manufacture of low melting solders and fusible alloys
-lead replacement
-in free-machining steels and free-machining aluminium alloys for precision machining properties


As required.

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