BN1192 Boron Nitride Nozzle (BN Nozzle)

Catalog No. BN1192
Size Various
Material Pure and composite boron nitride
Purity 99%

Stanford Advanced Materials provides our customers with high quality hexagonal boron nitride nozzle. BN custom machined parts are available from 99% pure boron nitride and zirconia boron nitride composite materials.

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Boron Nitride Nozzle Description

Boron nitride (BN), also known as hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) and hot-pressed boron nitride, is a good self-lubricate ceramic that can withstand high temperature ( >3000℃ in an inert atmosphere) and maintain its lubricating capability in a high vacuum environment. SAM's boron nitride nozzles are made from hot pressed boron nitride blank. Hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) behaves similarly with graphite mechanically but offers excellent electrical resistance. Boron nitride nozzle has very low wettability with metal. Compared with graphite, it’s an excellent choice for high-temperature metal spray.

boron nitride nozzle boron nitride pipe, tube


Boron Nitride Nozzle Specifications





Hot pressed at high temperature (1900C).

Excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Limited wear resistance

Self-bonded and high purity (>99%)

Machinable Blanks

Finished Parts


BN-45%, Zr2O3 45%

Finished Parts


Prototyping service also available for other ceramics material
Alumina(99~99.7) Silicon Nitride
Pyrolytic boron nitride Boron Carbide
Silicon Carbide (98% 99.5%) Zirconia


Boron Nitride Nozzle Applications

Boron nitride nozzle from Stanford Advanced Materials can withstand high temperatures in a high vacuum environment, plus it has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical resistance. Thus, boron nitride ceramic product is an ideal choice in a wide range of industries, such as:
-Electric insulators in vacuum system
-Boron nitride components for PVD, MOCVD, MBE system.
-Nozzles for nonferrous metals metallurgy industry
-Spacers for glass melting
-Insulators for high-temperature furnace



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