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PBN0922 Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible, PBN Crucibles Maximize

PBN0922 Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible, PBN Crucibles

Catalog No.PBN0922
MaterialPBN, Pyrolytic Boron Nitride
StandardLEC, MBE, VGF

Pyrolytic boron nitride crucible has good thermal conductivity and high insulation resistance. Stanford Advanced Materials provides pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles with high purity and competitive price. We also offer LEC crucibles, MBE crucibles and VGF crucibles made by a CVD process with PBN material.

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Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible Description

Pyrolytic boron nitride crucible (PBN Crucible) from SAM has a much better purity level compared with normal boron nitride ceramic materials. Using BCl3 and NH3 as raw materials, pure pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles can be prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process at high temperature and low pressure, because the purity of steam is easier to control. Most PBN products made by the CVD process have less than 100 ppm total impurities, which means purity is better than 99.99%. High purity PBN products have excellent mechanical properties such as high electrical resistance and good thermal conductivity.

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible


Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible Application

Pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles are traditionally used to vaporize a variety of materials including Gallium (Ga) and Aluminium (Al) for epitaxial growth compound semiconductors due to their high purity, anisotropic thermal properties, chemical inertness, thermal stability, and thermal shock resistance. As the solid material is formed by the CVD process, the purity and density of the PBN products could almost reach the theoretical value. PBN crucibles with such high purity are ideal products for the semiconductor industry. PBN products provided by Stanford Advanced Materials also have great thermal shock resistance. Plates of PBN could be heated to more than 2000 degrees and dropped into the water without getting broken. 

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Crucible Specification


Available size

 Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski, 

PBN LEC crucibles


Molecular Beam Epitaxy,

PBN MBE crucibles


Vertical Gradient Freeze,

PBN VGF crucibles



* Material Properties





lattice constant

a:2.504×10-10     c:6.692×10-10

μ m







tensile strength(ab)



bend strength







elastic modulus




thermo conductivity


“a” direction    “c” direction



60                  2.60



43.70             2.80


dielectric strength(at room temperature)




The following crucibles are standard crucibles available in Stanford Advanced Materials.

The PBN crucible product code is composed as follows:

Abbreviations and code:

C conical-shaped crucibles
D double-wall crucibles
Ø lip

 PBN-1-12 PBN-1-14

Code: PBN 1-12
Capacity:1 cm³

Code: PBN 1-14
Capacity:1 cm³

 PBN-1-20 PBN-2-16

Code: PBN 1-20
Capacity: 1.5 cm³

Code: PBN 2-16
Capacity: 2cm³

 PBN-C2-22 PBN-5-16

Code: PBN C2-22
Capacity : 2 cm³

Code: PBN 5-16
Capacity : 5 cm³

 PBN-C5-27 PBN-C5-29

Code: PBN C5-27
Capacity : 5 cm³

Code: PBN C5-29
Capacity :5 cm³

 PBN-C8-27 PBN-10-22

Code: PBN C8-27
Capacity : 8 cm³

Code: PBN 10-22
Capacity: 10 cm³

 C12-36 C12-37

Code: PBN C12-36
Capacity: 12 cm³

Code: PBN C12-37
Capacity: 12 cm³

 C16-36 C25-33

Code: PBN C16-36
Capacity: 16 cm³

Code: PBN C25-33
Capacity: 25 cm³

 C25-51 C10-22

Code: PBN C25-51
Capacity: 25 cm³

Code: PBN C10-22
Capacity: 10 cm³

 35-34 C40-51

Code: PBN 35-34
Capacity : 35 cm³

Code: PBN C40-51
Capacity : 40 cm³

 C60-54 PBN60-37

Code: PBN C60-54
Capacity : 60 cm³

Code: PBN60-37
Capacity : 60cm³

 PBN-C70-60 C75-77

Code: PBN C70-60
Capacity : 70 cm³

Code: PBN C75-77
Capacity : 75 cm³

 C80-54 C82-71

Code: PBN C80-54
Capacity : 80 cm³

Code: PBN C82-71
Capacity : 82 cm³

 85-41 125-54

Code: PBN 85-41
Capacity : 85 cm³

Code: PBN 125-54
Capacity : 125 cm³

 130-54 150-60

Code: PBN 130-54
Capacity : 130 cm³

Code: PBN 150-60

Capacity : 150 cm³

 155-60 160-60

Code: PBN 155-60
Capacity : 155 cm³

Code: PBN 160-60
Capacity : 160 cm³

 C200-84 200-58

Code: PBN C200-84
Capacity : 200 cm³

Code: PBN 200-58
Capacity : 200 cm³

 200-102 420-84

Code: PBN 200-102
Capacity : 200 cm³

Code: PBN 420-84

Capacity : 420 cm³

Stanford Advanced Materials also provide pyrolytic graphite(PG) products. Click here or send an inquiry for more information.

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