CA3744 Calcium Stearate (CAS No. 1592-23-0)

Catalog No. CA3744
CAS Number 1592-23-0
Chemical Formula Ca(C17H35COO)2
Molecular Weight 607.02
Form White fine powder
Theoretical Metal Content Ca 6.5±0.7 %

Calcium Stearate (CAS: 1592-23-0) is light white crystalline powder. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a worldwide supplier of high-quality Calcium compounds at a competitive price.

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Calcium Stearate Description

Calcium Stearate (CAS: 1592-23-05) is light white crystalline powder. The molecular weight is 607.02 and its melting point is 147-149 ℃, decomposed by heat. It reacts with strong acid to be decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding calcium salt.

Calcium Stearate Specifications

CAS Number


Chemical Formula

Ca (C17H35COO)2

Molecular Weight



White fine powder

Melting Point



Soluble in hot pyridine, slightly soluble in oil, but insoluble in alcohol and ether.

Storage conditions

Sealed and keep dry.

Calcium Stearate Applications

Calcium Stearate Safety Information:

Hazard Codes


Risk Statements

R20/21/22:Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed .
R36/37/38:Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin .

Safety Statements

S22:Do not breathe dust .
S24/25:Avoid contact with skin and eyes .
S36:Wear suitable protective clothing .
S26:In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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Calcium Stearate Packaging

Our Calcium Stearate is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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