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GR0462 Carbon fiber machined product

Stanford Advanced Materials provide custom machined carbon fiber products with competitive price. We manufacture carbon fiber materials in various shapes, size and colors and CNC carbon fiber parts are also available. Our products could be used as parts for cars, bycicles, and models planes frames,  and more. Its light weighted, but stronger than iron. 

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 Carbon fiber is long and thin strand of fiber composed mostly of carbon atoms. As carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals within the fibers. As the carbon crystals are more or less formed parallel to the long axis of the fibers, the material is extremely strong for its size. Thousands of carbon fibers,  usually 3k~12k for consuming products, are twisted together to form a yarn. These carbon fiber yarns are further fabricated or weave into carbon cloth, which is the foundation of most carbon fiber products that we can find in market. Then, carbon cloth would be combined with epoxy or other polymers and molded into different shapes for various applications. Carbon fiber materials are so strong that even materials made by lower grade carbon fibers, e.g. T300, has great strength, if designed and manufactured in a proper way. Carbon fiber parts are light weighted, compared with similar components made by metal.  Carbon fiber composite materials are used to make high performance sports equipment, including bicycle frames, fishing rods, automobile body parts, frames for models and more. High quality carbon fiber materials are applied in aviation industries to replace traditional alloys.  

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