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GR0879 Carbon fiber rods Maximize

GR0879 Carbon fiber rods

Stanford Advanced Materials manufacture carbon fiber materials in various shapes, size and colors. We offer pultruded carbon fiber rods, tubes and roll wrapped carbon fiber tubes. These carbon fiber materials are light weighted, extremely strong and can be applied to make frames, sports products fishing rod and other consumer products like tripods.   

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Pultruded carbon fiber rods

Shape available

Round, rectangular, other


Tairyfil, Toray



 Carbon fiber is composed mostly of carbon atoms. As carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals within the fibers, the material is extremely strong for its size. Even materials made by low level carbon fibers, e.g. T300, has great strength, if designed and manufactured in a proper way. High quality carbon fiber materials are applied in aviation industries to replace traditional alloys.  

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