LAB1264 (Discontinued) High Speed Large Capacity Frozen Centrifuge

Catalog No. LAB1264
Size 560x810x430 mm
Power(W) 3000 W
Weight Net: 95 Kg
Certification CE/TUV/ISO9001:2008


Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) now can offer high speed large capacity frozen centrifuge and low speed lab centrifuge at competitive price.

high speed large capacity frozen centrifuge

Technical Parameters of our high speed large capacity frozen centrifuge:

Max. Speed 21000 r/min
Max. RCF 30642x g
Max. capacity 4*750 ml
Temperature setting range -20—40 °C
Time setting range 1 min-9 h:59 min
Speed accuracy +30 r/min
Temperature accuracy +1.0°C
Shortest time of Acc/Dcc 35 s/35 s
Noise level <60 dB(A)
Rotor identification Automatically identified rotor
Power supply AC 220+22 V 50Hz 18 A
Watt 3000 W
Dimension (l x w x h) 560x810x430 mm
Ctn size (l x w x h) 102x712x630 mm
Net weight 95 kg
Gross weight 125 kg



-Microprocessor control, touch panel, LCD display.
-Automatically identified rotor for the speed restriction
-Automatically electronic interlock door for safety
-99 programs can be stored
-Protective functions of imbalance, over speed, over temperature and interlock door for safety
-Speed and RCF value can be set freely
-High speed (21000 rpm) centrifugation and large capacity (4 x 750ml) centrifugation in one

Packaging & Delivery:

Standard carton / wood case / palletizing
7 days after final confirmation


LAB1263 Low Speed Lab Centrifuge

LAB1263 (Discontinued) Low Speed Lab Centrifuge


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