BN1003 Boron Nitride Custom Machined Parts (H-BN Part)

Catalog No. BN1003
Purity 99%
Size Various
Material Pure composite boron nitride
Shape Various

Stanford Advanced Materials is a supplier for boron nitride materials. We could also custom manufacture prototypes and production quantity of boron nitride parts with drawings or sketch in 4~6 weeks with competitive price and $300 MOQ.

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Description of Boron Nitride Custom Machined Parts

HBN is an advanced solid ceramic material produced by sintering the boron nitride powder together into a solid material, usually an approximately 1ft cube or cylinder. As a machinable material, the HBN boron nitride custom machined parts we supplied could be machined into all kinds of customized shapes, as long as the raw material is big enough. As the price for raw material (BN solid) is rather high, the price for simple shape products can be frequently estimated based on the quantity of BN solid it consumed. 


Available Materials of Boron Nitride Machined Parts





Hot pressed at high temperature (1900C).

Excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Limited wear resistance

Self-bonded and high purity (>99%)


Finished Parts


General-purpose material

Bonded by boric oxide

Finished Parts


Calcium borate bonded boron nitride

Enhanced moisture resistance

Finished Parts

Specifications of BN99 and ZSBN
for your reference!

Prototyping service also available for other ceramics material

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Silicon Carbide Alumina zirconia


Applications of Boron Nitride Custom Machined Parts

Boron Nitride custom machined parts from Stanford Advanced Materials can withstand high temperature in the high vacuum environment, plus it has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical resistance. Thus, Boron Nitride ceramic product is an ideal choice in a wide range of industries, such as:

- Boron Nitride parts for ion injection equipment
- Electric insulators in vacuum system
- Spacers for glass melting
- Feedthrough for high voltage equipment
- Boron Nitride components for PVD, MOCVD, MBE system.

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Packaging of Boron Nitride Custom Machined Parts

SAM’s boron nitride custom machined parts are carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

SAM_Label SAM titanium wire packaging




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