CO1175 Ceramic Tube, Ceramic Pipe

Catalog No. CO1175
Size Various
Material Alumina, Boron Nitride, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia

Stanford Advanced Materials provides technical ceramic tubes & ceramic pipes with high purity, tight dimensional tolerance and competitive price. Custom manufacturing for special shapes is always available.

SAM offers ceramic tubes and ceramic pipes in variety of shapes such as single bore , double bore , 4-bore , oval and custom shapes with advanced ceramic materials including alumina ceramic, boron nitride ceramic, zirconia ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic, silicon nitride ceramic etc.


SAM's Ceramic Tube & Pipe Products

round shape       oval shape       two bore shape       porous shape       custom shape

Alumina Ceramic                                         Boron Nitride Ceramic

alumina ceramic tube       ceramic tube for furnace
Alumina ceramic tube                                Boron nitride ceramic tube
Alumina porous ceramic tube                  Pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic tube
Custom ceramic tube                                Boron nitride custom machined parts

Silicon Carbide Ceramic                             Zirconia YSZ Ceramic 

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Tube        Zirconia YSZ Ceramic Tube

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Tube                   Zirconia YSZ ceramic tube


Ceramic Tube & Ceramic Pipe Applications

* Ceramic insulaters
* Air, gas and liquid filtration
* Purification
* Thermocouple components
* Wafer processing components
* Protection tubes
* Surgical devices
* Vacuum devices
* Knife sharperners
* High-power resistor
* Catalyst support

Main Market :
* Aerospace and defense
* Semiconductor equipment
* Health care equipment
* Electornic equipment
* House durables
* Furnaces
* Lighting


Ceramic Tube & Ceramic Pipe Packing

SAM’s Ceramic tubes and ceramic pipes are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.
ceramic tube packing  ceramic tube packaging

If you are interested in our ceramic tubes and pipes, please submit the inquiry form below with the sizes and materials you need. We will direct to you pricing within one business day.


DC2923 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E92B Powder

DC2923 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E92B Powder

DC2924 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E99 Powder

DC2924 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E99 Powder

DC2926 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E124 Powder

DC2926 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E124 Powder


AC3224 Ultra-Thin Ceramic Caps


AC3225 Polished Alumina Substrate Al2O3


AC3226 Pressure Sensor Components (Ceramic)

sc/1616638522-normal-Pb-free Piezoelectric Elements (New Development).jpg

CM3259 Pb-free Piezoelectric Elements (New Development)

sc/1616638870-normal-Piezoelectric PZT Ceramic Substrates.png

CM3260 Piezoelectric PZT Ceramic Substrates


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