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SC2351 Polycarbosilane Lumps Maximize

SC2351 Polycarbosilane Lumps

Catalog No.SC2351
Molecular Formula(C2H6Si)n
AppearancePale yellow lumps
SynonymsPCMS, Poly[(methylsilylene)methylene], Polycarbomethylsilane

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Description of Polycarbosilane Lumps

The polycarbosilane is a precursor of ceramics with the main chain Si-C, and contains an active organic polymer of silicone with Si-H bond. This product takes most of the time the form of a yellow glassy solid or amber viscous body.

Specifications of Polycarbosilane Lumps



Melting point

79-84 °C


1.1 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

Molecular weight

average Mw ~800


Pale yellow lumps

Applications of Polycarbosilane Lumps

-  Preparation of silicon carbide fibers

-  Preparation of ceramic coatings

-  Preparation of ceramic porous materials or foams

-  Preparation of ceramic powders

-  As inorganic binder materials

-  Production of ceramic matrix composites


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