DC2926 Microwave Dielectric Ceramic MWDC E124 Powder

Catalog No. DC2926
Dielectric constant 124.0
Resonant Frequency(GHz) 3.2
Quality Factor(GHz) >2,000

MWDC E124 Powder is one of our products of the microwave dielectric ceramic powder series. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides full lines of Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Powder with a good specialty for Disc type capacitor and patch antenna/resonator/filter applications.

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MWDC E124 Powder Descriptions

MWDC E124 Powder is one of our products of the Microwave dielectric ceramic powder series. Microwave dielectric ceramic (MWDC) is a new type of ceramic material that is used as dielectric material in microwave frequency band circuits (mainly UHF and SHF bands, 300MHz~300GHz wavelength between 0.1mm-1m electromagnetic waves) and performs one or more functions.

It is suitable for making all kinds of modern microwave devices, such as frequency stabilizing oscillator, filter and discriminator in electronic countermeasure, navigation, communication, radar, household satellite direct television receiver and mobile phone, etc., which can meet the requirements of miniaturization, integration, high reliability and low cost of microwave circuits.

MWDC E124 Powder Specifications

Microwave Characteristics

Resonant Frequency(GHz)


Dielectric Constant


Quality Factor(GHz)


Τf (ppm/℃) (-35 ~ 85℃)


Sintering Temperature Range


MWDC E124 Powder Microstructure

MWDC E124 Powder Applications 

-Dielectric resonator/filter

-Patch Antenna

-Substrate for MIC

-Pulp and paper

-Single layered capacitor for HF, etc.


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