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CE1355 Cerium DiHydride (CeH2) Maximize
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CE1355 Cerium DiHydride (CeH2)

Catalog No.CE1355
Size-20 mesh ~ -400 mesh
CAS Number13569-50-1
AppearanceCrystalline Solid
Density5.45-5.58 g/cm3

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides high purity cerium dihydride (CeH2) or cerium (II) Hydride with a competitive price. Other cerium products are also available.

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Cerium DiHydride Description

Cerium dihydride (CeH2), or cerium (II) hydride, is black blue crystal of CaF2 type structure. It can be formed at a moderate temperature (523 K) and atmospheric pressure using a pulse-flow technique. Cerium dihydride tend to fire in moisture air, which also react with water at 0°С.

CE1355 Cerium DiHydride (CeH2)


Cerium DiHydride Specifications

EC No.




Particle Size

 -20 mesh ~ -400 mesh


Cerium DiHydride Applications

Cerium dihydride (CeH2) is often used as hydrogen storage material.


Cerium DiHydride Packing

Our cerium dihydride product is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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