PH1283 Fluorine Containing Defoamer – Fluorine 4055

Catalog No. PH1283
Density 0.86±0.02
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Effective content 3.0 %

Fluorine Containing Defoamer Supplier
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can provide fluorine containing defoamers (Fluorine 4050 and Fluorine 4055) with competitive price.


A defoamer, or an anti-foaming agent, is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids.
Our fluorine containing defoamer is oil-based antifoaming agent. It has good varnish compatibility, resin compatibility, highly efficient foam breaking and foam suppression properties, and high cost performance.

fluorine containing defoamer


Oil based defoamer
Fluorine containing antifoam
Diluent: Xylene/Butanone
Storage condition: stored at room temperature, seal it immediately after each use


It can be used in many industries like other defoamers, but requires a higher shear force in order to ensure dispersion uniformly.


100g: brown PET bottle
25kg, 170kg: iron drum


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PH1282 Fluorine Containing Defoamer – Fluorine 4050

PH1282 Fluorine Containing Defoamer – Fluorine 4050


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