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Dodd-Frank Certification - SAM

Dodd-Frank Act (Section 1502) “Conflict Minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo”

This letter is to certify that to the very best of our knowledge, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, Gold product(s) are processed without using any of the so-called 3TG Metals (Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin, Gold) originating, sourced and/or smelted from the Democratic Republic of Congo or Africa.

Additional information concerning DRC legislation issued by the US State Department may be obtained by visiting the following websites.  

If you have any questions regarding this Certificate of Conformance please contact the SAM Process

The information provided in this document is based upon technical data believed to be reliable and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. The information provided is subject to change as additional experience and knowledge is gained.


Michael Xu

Process Engineer

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