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Recommended Crucibles for Evaporation Materials

by | Sep 23 2015

Crucible is important modern laboratory equipment and plays crucial role in production of various materials such as glass, metal, etc. Crucibles made from different materials can withstand different temperatures and resist to corrosion as customer’s request.

Below is some suggestions to help you find suitable crucible for evaporation materials:

Evaporation MaterialRecommended Crucible(s)
Aluminum (Al)Boron nitride (BN)
Aluminum fluoride (AlF3)Graphite (C )
Al/Si (2%)Boron nitride (BN)
Antimony (Sb)Boron nitride (BN)
Graphite (C )
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Antimony telluride (Sb2Te3)Graphite (C )
Antimony oxide (Sb2O3)Boron nitride (BN)
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
BismuthAluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Vitreous carbon
Bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3)Graphite (C )
Boron (B)Graphite (C )
Vitreous carbon
Cadmium (Cd)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Cadmium selenide (CdSe)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Cadmium sulfide (CdS)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Calcium fluoride (CaF2)Quartz
Chromium (Cr)Vitreous carbon
Cobalt (Co)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Copper (Cu)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Molybdenum (Mo)
Tantalum (Ta)
Copper oxide (CuO)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Gadolinium (Gd)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Gallium (Ga)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Gallium arsenic (GaAs)Graphite (C )
Gallium nitride (GaN)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Gallium phosphide (GaP)Quartz
Germanium (Ge)Quartz
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Germanium oxide (GeO2)Quartz
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Germanium telluride (GeTe)Quartz
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Gold (Au)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Boron nitride (BN)
Vitreous carbon
Indium (In)Graphite (C )
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Indium oxide (In2O3)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Indium phosphide (InP)Graphite (C )
Indium sulfide (InS)Graphite (C )
Iron (Fe)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Iron sulfide (FeS)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lanthanum (La)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lead (Pb)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lead iodide (PbI2)Quartz
Lead stannnate (PbSnO2)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lead selenide (PbSe)Graphite (C )
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lead telluride (PbTe)Graphite (C )
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lithium (Li)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Lithium fluoride (LiF)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Magnesium (Mg)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Vitreous carbon
Magnesium fluoride (MgF2)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Magnesium oxide (MgOGraphite (C )
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Manganese (Mn)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Molybdenum oxide (MoO3)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Boron nitride (BN)
Ni/CrAluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Vitreous carbon
Nickel (Ni)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Vitreous carbon
Nickel oxide (NiO)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Palladium (Pd)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Permalloy (Ni/Fe)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Vitreous carbon
Phosphorous (P)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Platinum (Pt)Graphite (C )
Rhodium (Rh)Vitreous carbon
Scandium (Sc)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Selenium (Se)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Vitreous carbon
Silicon (Si)Tantalum (Ta)
Vitreous carbon
Silicon dioxide (SiO2)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Silicon monoxide (SiO)Tantalum (Ta)
Silver (Ag)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Molybdenum (Mo)
Strontium oxide (SrO)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5)Vitreous carbon
Tellurium (Te)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Terbium (Tb)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Tin (Sn)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Tin oxide (SnO2)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Titanium (Ti)Titanium carbide (TiC)
Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5)Quartz
Yttrium (Y)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Yttrium oxide (Y2O3)Graphite (C )
Zinc (Zn)Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Zinc selenide (ZnSe)Quartz

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