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The Application of Zirconium Carbide Powder

As a kind of hard refractory ceramic material, Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) is normally used in tool bits for cutting tools. Processed by sintering, Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) has high-temperature oxidation resistance, high strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity and toughness. Besides, Zirconium Carbide (ZrC)  nano powder has high visible light absorption, excellent infrared reflectance and large energy storage characteristics.

ZR1394 Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) Powder

Application of Zirconium Carbide Powder

Coating Materials

Hafnium-free Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) and Niobium Carbide can be used as refractory coatings in nuclear reactors. With low neutron absorption cross-section and weak damage sensitivity under irradiation, it can be used as the coating of uranium dioxide and thorium dioxide particles of nuclear fuel. The coating is usually deposited by thermal chemical vapor deposition in a fluidized bed reactor. It also has a high emissivity and high current capacity at elevated temperatures, making it a promising material for use in thermo-photovoltaic radiators and field emitter tips and arrays.

Cemented Tools

Due to its hardness, Carbide compounds can be used as drills and other tools that need to be abrasion resistant. Zirconium Carbide (ZrC) is a kind of important high-temperature structural material with a high melting point, high intensity, and corrosion resistance. The application in the hard alloy can improve the intensity and corrosion resistance of materials.

Nano-Structured Parts

Nanometer zirconium carbide can be used in nano-structured parts in the metallurgical, chemical and aviation industry. It finds its application in the textile industry in making thermostat textiles in nylon, fiber and hard alloy. Composite materials that are used in the ceramic and metal matrix are also made from these nanoparticles.

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