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Applications of Molybdenum Materials


The industrial applications for SAM molybdenum materials are as varied as its properties. We briefly present three of these below:

High purity and excellent creep resistance

Our molybdenum is exceptionally pure, withstands very high temperatures and is nevertheless still easy to machine. For example, to produce molybdenum crucibles for all the conventionally employed processes in the field of sapphire growth. Thanks to their exceptional purity, these have proved their worth as optimized melting and solidification vessels.

High dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance

Our stirrers homogenize all types of glass melt. To do this, they must withstand extreme temperatures and aggressive glass melts. Molybdenum makes it possible. With its excellent dimensional stability and corrosion resistance against metal and glass melts, our material ensures optimum stirring coupled with long product service lives.

High thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion

High power densities and the flow of electricity through power diodes and transistors generate heat. Thanks to its good thermal conductivity and thermal expansion properties that are adapted to the relevant semiconductor material, molybdenum and its alloys are the perfect substrate for power electronics. When used as a base plate, molybdenum reliably dissipates heat.

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