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Interesting Facts About Tungsten

Distribution of tungsten resources
Global tungsten resources reserves are rich, tungsten content is 0.001% in the earth's crust, there are more than 20 kinds tungsten and tungsten minerals have been found, namely: tungsten ore, tungsten wolframite and scheelite, wolframite ore. The economic value of mining is only wolframite and scheelite, wolframite tungsten resources accounted for about 30% of the total, scheelite accounted for about 70%.

Regional distribution
Global tungsten resources are mainly concentrated in the Alps Himalaya range and circum Pacific Geological belt.
Russia's tungsten ore resources are concentrated in the north Caucasus, East Siberia and the Far East of the tin Holt A Lin range, and the larger mine is Verkhne-Kayrakty.
Tungsten mines are concentrated in California and Colorado, the United States.
Canada - tungsten is mainly concentrated in the Selwyn ore belt.

Country distribution
According to data released by the United States Geological Survey in 2015, the world's tungsten reserves are about 3.3 million tons, China's largest reserves of tungsten resources are 1.9 million tons, accounting for about 58% of the global total amount.

Tungsten ore classification

Because of the different proportion of iron tungstate and manganese tungstate, it is also called tungsten manganese iron ore, which accounts for about 30% of the total tungsten ore resources in the world. If the iron content is high tungsten content of manganese ore, tungsten ore is high. The color of wolframite varies with the content of iron and manganese, common colors are gray, dark reddish brown, light brown, dark brown hair and brown iron etc.. With wolframite metal or semi metal luster, brittle, with weak magnetic. It is mainly used for refining and manufacturing of wolframite tungsten tungstate.


Scheelite is a kind of- granular or blocky, transparent to translucent mineral, its color changes with molybdenum content, common colors are white, gray, yellow, purple, brown, pink, green, glossy or shiny glass with grease, accounting for about 70% of the total global tungsten resources. Scheelite has luminescence, light blue and yellow fluorescence under UV irradiation.
White tungsten mine was produced in the contact metasomatic deposit and high temperature hydrothermal veins and in greisens. Scheelite is mainly used in the production of ferrotungsten, also can make the permanent magnet.

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