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The Application of Zirconium Compounds in Life

The most common form of zirconium compounds in life is the presence of various ceramics in the form of oxides. In stomatology, all-porcelain denture that uses zirconia as its main component has gradually replaced metal teeth, porcelain teeth and so on.

Zirconium is the main nuclear material, so the public are very concerned that all-porcelain denture contains radioactive nuclear elements, which are harmful to human body. This is especially true for dentures, which are directly implanted into the oral cavity of humans. This may cause direct radioactivity into the oral cavity. But experts have confirmed that zirconium dioxide materials are very stable, and that they will not dissociate. Its affinity and compatibility with the human oral tissue are very high. It is by far the safest repair material for oral denture fixing. Moreover, zirconia all-porcelain denture has good abrasion resistance and appearances.

zirconium compounds

Also common in daily lives are ceramic tiles containing zirconium silicate. There have been reports that content of radioactive nuclear elements of ceramic tiles that are too white exceeds the standards, resulting in the widespread “theory of ceramic tiles causing cancer” in society. Radioactive elements can cause malignant tumors, which usually induces cell lesions, leading to leukemia, lymphoma, skin cancer and other blood cancers. In terms of the theory that the radioactivity of ceramic tiles exceeding the standards will lead to malignant tumors, there has not yet been any medical case of illness and related records. However, it’s advisable that consumers don’t blindly focus on whiteness when buying ceramic tiles.

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Most women like shiny jewelries. Colorless and transparent zircon that has been carved and polished is the inexpensive quality decorative material. It is very similar to diamond. The refractive index of zircon is close to 2. Its dispersion is similar to that of the diamond. With a flashing colored light, zircon is the best substitute for diamond. Currently, due to its low price, zircon has become the leader in middle- and low-tier gems. The main difference between diamonds and zircons is that the diamonds are even bodies, which are all black under orthogonally polarized mirrors, whereas the zircons have four bright sides and four dark sides, and from the top surface we can see that the bottom surface and ridge lines have evident double shadow.

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