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Tungsten in Military Use

What are the uses of tungsten in military use?

(1) Tungsten products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Due to the environmental hazards caused by lead and depleted uranium, tungsten products have been used to replace past raw materials for the manufacture of bullet warheads to reduce the environmental hazards caused by military materials.

Tungsten bullets

(2) Tungsten has the characteristics of high hardness and high temperature resistance, whose military use includes: tungsten alloy bullet, shrapnel head; balance pinball in missiles and aircrafts; measuring core of armor-piercer; kinetic armor-piercer; armor and artillery shell; grenade; bullet-proof vehicle, armored tanks, artillery parts, gun; rocket accessories and so on.

(3) Tungsten is a rare high melting point metal. Tungsten metal can endure high temperature without deformation and is free from air erosion at room temperature. This feature is widely used in the military. It’s mainly used for the production of high-speed steel, high-speed cutting tools, and super-hard mold. In aviation and rocket technology, as well as in other sectors that require high thermal strength of machine parts, engines and some other instruments, tungsten and alloys of molten metals (tantalum, niobium, molybdenum, rhenium) are used as heat-resistant materials.

(4) The most significant use of tungsten is for a variety of high-speed ammunition, especially armor-piercer. Tungsten is almost an indispensable part of armor-piercer. The kinetic armor-piercer made from tungsten alloy can compete directly with the depleted uranium bomb (depleted uranium has become an environmental problem).

(5) Tungsten can also be used for nuclear weapon material shell protection.

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