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How to Maintain Platinum Crucible

Platinum analytical container is one of the indispensable equipment for analysis. Because it’s expensive, the maintenance of platinum container is particularly important. Stanford Advanced Materials reminds you of the relevant knowledge about the maintenance during use for your reference.

Platinum Crucible

1.Platinum container must use platinum of high purity of ≥99.95%. It’s fine-manufactured after high-frequency melting, forging and rolling. The inside and outside finish is very high. Before use, please process it with dilute hydrochloric acid for 10 minutes, and then rinse with clean water to clear the surface of possible contaminants.
2.The melting point of platinum is 1770℃, the proportion is 21.45. The operating temperature of platinum container is above 1300℃. However, please don’t use it for a long time at temperatures of over 1400℃, otherwise it will cause serious deformation.
3.In use, platinum container should never come into contact with carbon, otherwise it can make platinum brittle, even cracking, because carbon is soluble in platinum in high temperatures. It can’t come into contact with iron and lead, either. Otherwise, they can penetrate the container, causing poisoning.
4.Platinum is not corroded by mono acid. But it can’t be put in the mixed solution of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. Even at room temperature, it will be strongly corroded, producing pitting.
5.Molten Na2SO4, NaOH, NANO3 and Na2CO3 will mildly corrode the platinum container. They should be avoided.
6.For platinum containers at high temperatures, please use stainless steel crucible clamp with platinum head (the manufacturer can provide it). Never use rusted crucible clamp to touch platinum container.
7.After a long time of use, if contaminants and adhesive materials are found on the surface of platinum crucible, please boil with dilute hydrochloric acid or process it with hydrofluoric acid, and the debris on the surface can be removed.
8.Add 5% of gold (Au≥99.95%) to platinum, and the manufactured platinum-gold-5 container can increase its intensity by 30%. It has very small deformations, and is widely used in X- fluorescence (the price is slightly higher than that of pure platinum). Its effect is rather ideal. It can be adopted.
9.Deformation after long-term use is normal. It is recommended that you continue to use it after shape-correction treatment. In the case of high frequency use, you should go to precious metals manufacturing enterprises (preferably the original manufacturer) every 6 months for re-purification. This can ensure the quality. Do not go to informal precious metals enterprises for processing for the sake of lower price.
10. Platinum crucible will not be directly oxidized. It’s advisable to put it in a clean and dry safe. Do not make it collide with other hard metals.

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