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The Application of Titanium in Watch

Watch is necessary for people's daily life, its dosage of watchcase and bracelet accounted for 95% of watch material. Traditional watches are manufactured in brass and Ni electroplating surface. The surface of this watch contains a large number of nickels while wearing often produces "nickel allergy". Later appeared to watch made of austenitic stainless steel, since which also contains nickel and chromium that will cause the allergic reaction of human body skin, technical personnel began to use titanium having the affinity with the body to make watchcase, bracelet, clasp, and other parts of watches in the 1970 s.


Titanium, used as the watch material, is from high-grade waterproof, sports watch with timing function. Japanese watch company began working on the titanium watches since 1972. To apply titanium to watch, researchers solved many technical problems, including the technology of pressure forming, the machining process, surface processing, wear-resisting, weldability, decorative and biological adaptability in nearly 30 years of research.

Therefore, modern titanium watch has the following characteristics: light, is 60% of the stainless steel in weight; corrosion resistance of human sweat and seawater; has the best specific strength among metal materials; surface hardness is 2 times of stainless steel; wearing without metal cold feeling; good affinity with the skin, no allergic reaction; good adornment, and so on.

 titanium watch

Now the titanium used in making watches are industrial pure titanium, Ti-6AI-4V, and Ti -15333 titanium alloy. In the early 1990 s, the first full-titanium watches entered the market and the price is extremely high. With the increased production and process improvement (investment casting of watch shell, sheet metal stamping forming and manufacture of powder metallurgy), the prices declined and all-titanium watches popularized. With the development of 3D printing, personalized-customization print titanium watches appear constantly.

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