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Why Do We Need High-density Tungsten Alloy Shielding?

With the development of medical technology, more and more radiation equipments appear in our life. The popularity of medical equipment and nuclear power has a significant influence on our lives. It raised attention of people that how to protect them from the harm of radiation. Therefore, it’s necessary to shield the radiation such as x-rays, gamma radiation (energetic electromagnetic radiation), alpha particles (helium atoms), beta particles (electrons) and cosmic radiation, etc.

tungsten alloy shielding

Radiation source must be blocked in order to protect the patients, doctors, nurses and others in hospital. The radiation level of the radioactive materials must be control low enough, lest produce harmful ionizing radiation, so as not to cause lung cancer, skin cancer and other cancers. Lead and iron are traditional radiation shielding materials, but there is no doubt that a high proportion of tungsten alloy block is the best choice. The reason of choosing high-density tungsten alloy shielding as shielding material is that tungsten alloy has excellent ray absorption capacity, high density (density is twice of lead) as well as good corrosion resistance.

The advantages of high-density tungsten alloy shielding

The property of radiation shielding is closely related to the density of material. Higher density means better ray absorption and radiation shielding ability. Due to the higher density of tungsten alloy than other materials, the ray absorption and block ability of which are better than other traditional shielding materials, such as lead. High-density tungsten alloy shielding has a better shielding on gamma rays, which can reduce the volume of shielding. Compared with the lead in same volume, high-density tungsten alloy shielding has better radiation shielding.

 tungsten alloy shielding

Due to the combination of high density, machinability, good corrosion resistance and high radiation absorption capability (superior to lead and steel) and high strength, tungsten alloy is the best raw materials for shielding. Tungsten alloy shielding still has the same radiation shielding ability as lead even when dwindled in volume and thickness of the container. In addition, compared with lead and depleted uranium, high-density tungsten alloy is more environmentally friendly due to its non-toxic and pollution-free property.

The application of high-density tungsten alloy

High density tungsten alloy shielding is not subject to NRC, EPA and the OSHA regulations of special constraints, so it is widely used in nuclear medicine as collimator, container radioactive isotope, radiation source container, etc.

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