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What Are the Industrial Applications of Molybdenum?

Due to its unique mechanical and chemical properties, molybdenum has become an outstanding material that meets the most stringent requirements, and the advantages of which are the high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is widely used in many different industrial fields.

Molybdenum is a veritable "generalist" in special materials that widely used in industrial belt and filament material, power electronics industry with semiconductor base plate, the high-temperature furnace glass melt electrode,  and hotspot as well as the solar energy cell and plane display sputtering coating with palladium materials.


The industrial application of molybdenum varies according to its nature. There are three main types:

High purity and excellent resistance to creep

The purity of molybdenum is excellent, which not only can withstand extremely high temperature but also easy to process. The application is to produce crucibles for all the conventional processes in the field of sapphire growth. Due to its special purity, molybdenum has proved its value in optimizing smelting and solidifying containers.

Good dimensional stability and excellent corrosion resistance

Our agitators can stir all kinds of glass melt evenly. To achieve this, they must undergo extreme temperatures and corrosive glass melts. With excellent dimensional stability, the corrosion resistance of metal and glass melt, molybdenum can ensure the best mixing effect and long service life of the product. 

High thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient

High power density and current through power diodes and transistors generate heat. Molybdenum metal and its alloys are the best substrate materials for power electronics due to good thermal conductivity and thermal expansion characteristics corresponding to the corresponding semiconductor materials. When used as a base plate, molybdenum can reliably release heat.


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