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The Container of Artificial Crystal Growth: Iridium Crucible

The iridium crucible has two main types, the flat iridium crucible, and the arc bottom iridium crucible. The main factors that influence the growth of crystal are the distribution of temperature field. The iridium crucible used for artificial crystal growth is mostly flat. The improvement of the flat bottom iridium crucible to the arc bottom iridium crucible will make the distribution of the temperature field more ideal, and the growth of some crystals will bring obvious quality improvement.

The deformation of the bottom of the crucible is a major factor in the damage of the crucible. The curved bottom crucible will reduce the distortion of the crucible at the bottom of the crucible, thus improving the life of the crucible. Therefore, the curved bottom crucible will prolong the life of the crucible while improving the quality of the crystal for the growth of some crystals.

The Container of Artificial Crystal Growth: Iridium Crucible

Iridium and high purity crystal products

Because of the excellent chemical stability of high melting point, iridium is an ideal crucible material for the growth of various metal oxide single crystals. A variety of crystals grew out of various techniques, and the basic principle was to pull single crystals out of the melt in the crucible. There are five main types of crystals that are made from iridium crucible.

YAG Crystals

Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) crystals are widely used in solid-state lasers, which are mainly laser welding and cutting in medical and industrial applications.


Sapphire is mainly used for the substrate material of the blue and green secondary pipes of LCD backlight in mobile phones and cars, and the window material of the supermarket scanner. It can also be used as laser waveguide in dental surgery, missile observation window, etc.

Lithium base crystal

The Container of Artificial Crystal Growth: Iridium Crucible

Lithium tantalate and langasite are used for cellular phones, satellite receivers, and wireless communication devices. The latest development of the piezoelectric material, which has the characteristics of broadband, is suitable for the w-CDMA IF segment surface acoustic filter base material, automobile sensor, and gyroscope.

Gadolinium gallium garnet crystal

Gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG) crystals are used in the electronic industry for flash memory, mainly replaced by semiconductor memory. However, they continue to be used for military equipment because they can work in a nuclear explosion when most semiconductors are damaged.

LSO crystal and GSO crystal

In the medical diagnosis of tumors, Lutetium oxyorthosilicate (LSO) and Gadolinium oxyorthosilicate (GSO) are used for the scintillation crystal of the detector. Other devices that use scintillation crystals include an oil mine record and an X-ray display in a package check.

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