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Crucible, Do You Know How to Use it?

The crucible is a utensil or melting pot made of extremely refractory materials such as clay, graphite, porcelain or more refractory metals, which is mainly used for the evaporation, concentration or crystallization of the solution and the burning of solid matter.

There are many types of crucibles, which are not limited by the production scale, batch size and smelting material variety. Its applicability is strong, and the purity of the smelting material can be guaranteed. SAM is a leading supplier of the platinum crucible, tungsten crucible, tantalum crucible, molybdenum crucible, etc. We provide a variety of dimensions. Custom configurations are also available.

platinum crucible

The usage of crucibles

A crucible must be used when a solid is to be heated by fire. When used, the crucible is usually placed in the crucible to prevent the heat from escaping and allow the air to move in and out to allow for possible oxidation. The crucible is small at the bottom and usually needs to be mounted on the mud triangle to heat directly on the fire. When heated, the crucible cannot be immediately placed on a cold metal table to prevent it from bursting with a sharp cooling, nor can it be placed on a wooden table immediately to avoid burning the table or causing a fire. The correct method is to leave it on the iron triangle shelf to cool naturally or put it on the asbestos web to cool it slowly. Please use the crucible forceps for the use of the crucible.

The main purposes of crucibles

* Used for the evaporation, concentration, or crystallization of a solution;

* Used for burning solid materials.

Precautions for the use of crucibles

* It can be heated directly, but not quench after heating;

* Use the crucible forceps for the use of the crucible;

* The crucible is placed on the iron triangle when it is heated;

* Stir when evaporation.

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