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Applications of Niobium Oxalate in Fine Functional Materials

Energy, information, and materials are the three pillars of modern civilization, and materials are the material basis of all technological development. Functional materials refer to materials with specific light, electricity, magnetism, sound, heat, humidity, gas, and biological characteristics, which are widely used in modern technologies such as energy, computing technology, communication, electronics, laser, space, and medicine.

Tantalum niobium is widely used in functional materials, especially fine functional materials (conductive ceramics, dielectric, ferroelectric ceramics and ferrite), functional conversion materials (thermoelectric materials, piezoelectric materials, pyroelectric materials, and photoelectric materials), functional film materials (optical thin film, magnetic thin films, conductive film, and dielectric film) and functional catalytic materials.

As a soluble niobium compound, niobium oxalate has been paid more and more attention in the preparation of functional materials. Niobium oxalate can be used as the catalyst, dielectric material, ferrite preparation, or excellent precursor material of niobium pentaoxide.

Niobium Oxalate


Niobium is an active phase, catalytic phase and supporting phase in the catalyst. Niobium oxalate is used as the precursor of niobium oxide in the catalyst. Soluble oxalate niobium can be mixed with a soluble metal compound with the same atomic size, then niobium or niobium oxide can produce corresponding niobium compounds with other elements to play its catalytic role after a series of physical and chemical treatments.

Dielectric materials

Niobium oxalate is an excellent precursor of niobium oxide, which is converted to niobium oxide with low temperature, and the water solubility of which makes it more uniform in the material. Therefore, the addition of niobium oxalate to the production of dielectric materials can make the electronic components have smaller electric losses, larger magnetic conductivity and smaller volume, which can improve the performance of electronic components.


It is very important to increase ferrite performance by adding small and evenly distributed niobium ions in ferrite with the water solubility of niobium oxalate, which improves the uniformity of the material and reduces the energy loss of ferrite at high frequency.

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