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What are the uses of Sputtering Targets?

In recent years, the sputtering target market demand is booming with the rapid development of coating technology, so what are the applications of sputtering target materials?

Decorative coating

Decorative coating mainly refers to the surface coating of mobile phones, watches, glasses, sanitary ware, hardware parts and other products, which not only plays the role of beautifying color but also has wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other functions. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more articles of daily use are required to carry out decorative coating. Therefore, the demand for decorative coating target materials is increasing day by day. The main types of coating materials include a chrome target, tantalum target, zirconium target, nickel target, tungsten target, titanium target and stainless steel target.

Glass coating

The application of target materials in the glass is mainly to make low-radiation coated glass, which is to achieve the function of energy saving, light control, and decoration by using magnetron sputtering principle to splash multilayer film on the glass. The traditional building glass is gradually replaced by energy-saving glass in recent years with the increasing demand for energy saving, emission reduction and improvement of people's quality of life. It is driven by this market demand that almost all large glass deep processing enterprises are rapidly increasing the production line of coated glass. Correspondingly, the demand for coating target materials is increasing rapidly. The main types of glass coating target materials include silver target, chromium target, titanium target, nickel chrome target, zinc tin target, silicon aluminum target, and titanium oxide target.

Another important application of target material in the glass is to prepare an automobile rearview mirror, which is mainly made by chrome target, aluminum target, and titanium oxide target. With the continuous improvement of the automotive rearview mirror, many enterprises have changed from the original aluminum plating process to the vacuum sputtering chromium plating process.

Sputtering Targets

Tools coating

The tools coating is mainly used to strengthen the surface of tools and molds, which can greatly improve the service life of tools and molds and the quality of the parts being processed. Driven by the development of aerospace and automobile industry, the technological level and production efficiency of the global manufacturing industry have made great progress, and the demand for high-performance tools and molds is increasing day by day. According to statistic, the coating proportion of tool used for processing in developed countries has exceeded 90%. The main types of target materials used for coating of industrial tools include titanium aluminum target, chromium aluminum target, chromium target and titanium target.

Solar cell coating

With the decrease of traditional petrochemical material energy, the world has turned to renewable energy. Solar cells are now in their third generation. The first generation is monocrystalline silicon solar cell, the second generation is amorphous silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cell, and the third generation is thin-film solar cell (represented by CIGS), and the sputtering coating process is a preferred preparation method. The main targets for solar cell coating include zinc oxide aluminum target, zinc oxide target, zinc aluminum target, molybdenum target, cadmium sulfide target, copper indium gallium selenium target, etc.

The rise of the global low-carbon economy has provided broad prospects for the development of new energy and new materials. All the major target material suppliers all over the world regard the target material for solar cell coating as an important research and development product, and solar cell coating is increasing in an explosive way.

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