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China Triumphs In Graphene Development

There are no points in guessing that China is making a huge name for itself in the manufacturing sector. From computers, to electronic goods or even shoes or other goods are being produced in bulk from China. Even in the case of Graphene China stands out from the rest. Due to its high content of Graphite, the production process has vastly gained. To add to its productivity, China has also made huge investments in the research and development sector. So far, reports suggest that about nine million dollars have been invested worldwide for Graphene related research.

It could be easily understood that due to a wide variety of uses for Graphene, there can be a huge scope for commercial successes. Moreover, the consistency and chemical stability of this material makes it very reliable and useful. Although presently it is seen as mainly used for making super capacitor, electrodes and anodes, it is expected that it would also be used to make micro batteries and touch screens. 

The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chongqing Research institute, has developed the seven inch long flexible Graphene touch screen, a remarkable achievement.  It is very evident that China is perhaps presently the leader in the production of Graphene and related products. The best part is that it is just the initial phase of this industry, and there is a huge scope of growth. 

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