EU2650 Europium (II) Sulfide (EuS) Powder (CAS 12020-65-4)

Catalog No. EU2650
Molecular Formula EuS
CAS Number 12020-65-4
Appearance Black powder
Purity 3N-4N

Europium (II) Sulfide Powder is a kind of black powder with a molecular formula of EuS. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trust-worthy supplier of high-quality Europium (II) Sulfide Powder.

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Europium (II) Sulfide (EuS) Powder Description:

Europium Sulfide Powder is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula EuS. It is a black powder, stable in the air. Europium (II) Sulfide (EuS) Powder has a Curie temperature of 16.6 K, below which it is a ferromagnetic solid while above which it exhibits paramagnetism. EuS is stable in the air up to 500 °C, and an oxidation reaction will occur if heating continues. It decomposes at 1470 °C in an inert environment.

Europium (II) Sulfide (EuS) Powder

Europium (II) Sulfide (EuS) Powder Specifications:

CAS Number


Molecular formula


Molecular weight

184.03 g/mol


Black powder


2250 °C

Magnetic susceptibility

+25,730;·10−6 cm3/mol

Europium (II) Sulfide (EuS) Powder Applications:

The synthesis of EuS and its oxide analog EuO has become a new research point. It can be used as a laser window material, insulating ferromagnet, ferromagnetic semiconductor, magnetoresistive material, photomagnetic material, and luminescent material.


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