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GE1069 Germanium Metal (Ge Metal)

Catalog No.GE1069
CAS Number7440-56-4
Melting Point937.4 °C
Density (at R.T.)5.32 g/cc
Boiling point2830 °C

As a leading global supplier of advanced materials, SAM provides consistently high-quality Germanium Metal products in a variety of forms, including tubes, rods, wires, etc. We're capable of supplying custom materials per any specs/drawings you provide us with.

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Description of Germanium Metal

Germanium is a lustrous, grayish-white metalloid member of the carbon group of elements, carrying similar physical properties to tin and silicon. Germanium is easy to react and form complexes with oxygen in nature and it is too reactive to be found naturally on Earth in the native state. Ultra-high purity material is usually obtained by zone refining. Purified Germanium is a semiconductor material.



Specifications of Germanium Metal

Item No.



Germanium lump, 3.2mm (0.125in) and down, 99.999% (metals basis) 



Germanium pieces, 3-9mm (0.1-0.4in), 99.999% (metals basis) 



Germanium pieces, 2cm (0.8in) & down, 99.9999% (metals basis)



Germanium ingot, zone refined, 99.9999% (metals basis), 95% N type minimum



Germanium rod, polycrystalline, 6.35mm (0.25in) dia, 99.9999% (metals basis) 



Germanium shot, 1.2-1.7mm (0.05-0.07in), doped with 0.1-0.5% Gallium, 99.999% (metals basis) 



Applications of Germanium Metal

Germanium Metal is used to manufacture rectifiers, transistors and weapons-sighting systems and used as a fluorescent material. Alloying agent. It can also be used as a catalyst to produce plastics.


Packaging of Germanium Metal

Our Germanium Metals are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

Material Safety Data Sheet for your reference


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