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OX1135 Germanium Dioxide (GeO2) (CAS No.1310-53-8) Maximize

OX1135 Germanium Dioxide (GeO2) (CAS No.1310-53-8)

Catalog No.OX1135
Molecular FormulaGeO2
CAS Number1310-53-8
AppearanceWhite powder
Melting Point1086 °C
Boiling point1550 °C

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a trusted supplier of ultra-high purity Germanium Dioxide and a wide variety of Germanium products ranging from pure metal to various compounds.

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Germanium Dioxide Introduction:

Germanium dioxide, also known as Germanium oxide (GeO2), Germanium (IV) oxide, Germania, is a white powder. It is insoluble in water. Germanium is a brittle grayish-white semi-metallic element. It is not found naturally on Earth in its native state due to its high reactivity. However, Germanium can be commercially obtained from zinc ores, certain coals, argyrodite, and germanite. It is used as a semiconductor in transistors, solar cells, and optical related materials. 

Germanium Dioxide

There’s a long history of High purity germanium dioxide production in our facility, dating back to 1951, from lead and zinc oxide ore extraction germanium for sophisticated national defense industry construction of the enterprise, for the success of the "two bombs and one satellite" research has made contribution. 

Germanium Dioxide

Our production process using innovative 6N years summary level two high purity Germanium Oxide. The material can be used as raw material for high purity metal Germanium, or in the use of germanium based compounds, chemical catalysts and pharmaceutical industry. Our capacity is around 20T per year.

Germanium Dioxide Applications:

  • Used as a catalyst in production of polyethylene terephthalate resin and for production of other germanium compounds. 
  • Used as an alloying agent and as a phosphor in fluorescent lamps. 
  • Germanium oxide (GeO2) is used as spectrum analysis material and semiconductor material. 
  • Glasses which contain germanium dioxide possess good refractive index and optical dispersion, thus making germanium dioxide useful as an optical material for wide-angle lenses.


Germanium Dioxide Specification:

Item No.




Germanium Oxide Powder



Germanium Oxide Powder

99.999 %


Germanium Oxide Powder

99.9999 %

Packaging of SAM Germanium Dioxide (TeO2):

Our germanium dioxide is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.


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