OX0174 Graphene Oxide (5mg/mL, Water Dispersion)

Catalog No. OX0174
Size 10 ~ 50 um
Concentration 5 mg/mL
Particle Thickness 1 ~ 8 monolayers
Solution Water / DMF / NMP
Purity >99%

Nano Graphene Oxide Powder, 5 mg/ml, dispersion in water. Our graphene oxide dispersion is packed in 100ml plastic bottles for small quantity. Dispersions of graphene oxide lead to an extremely high single layer ratio and the single-layer content of the graphene, or graphite oxide could be larger than 96%.

Graphene Oxide Description

Graphene oxide, or graphite oxide nanopowder, can be considered as a mixture of hydroxy graphene and carboxyl graphene. Since graphene oxide has good dissolvability in water as well as in organic solvents, it is a type of water-soluble graphene or dispersible graphene. It could be dispersed in various solvents including water, DMF, and NMP, instead of bulk powder. The concentration of dispersion is usually 0.05mg/mL~5mg/mL. We can customize the graphene oxide water dispersion, or graphene oxide solution, based on your requirements and we have the capability to conduct large quantity production. Produced with a modified method, our graphene oxide water dispersion could keep stable for longer.

TEM image of graphene oxide



Unit Price

Graphene oxide dispersion 5mg/mL


$199/ 100mL

Graphene oxide dispersion 5mg/mL


$160/ 100mL



sc/1620372108-normal-Graphene Oxide Nanopowder.jpg

OX0173 Graphene Oxide Nanopowder: Thickness 0.7~1.2nm

sc/1620372571-normal-Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion 0.5.jpg

GR0178 Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion (0.5mg/mL)

sc/1620378946-normal-Graphene Nanopowder Diameter 100nm.jpg

GR0396 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter 100nm

GR0398 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter ~5um

GR0398 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter ~5μm

GR0903 CVD Graphene

GR0903 CVD Graphene


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