GR0903 CVD Graphene

Catalog No. GR0903
Transmittance >97%

Stanford Advanced Materials now provides large area CVD graphene products. Our products have been applied to make prototype touch screen already and we are dedicated to delivering scientists and engineers with reliable and affordable graphene materials. Multiple choices of substrates and sizes are available.


CVD Graphene Description

CVD, Chemical vapor deposition, is a chemical process used to produce high purity materials. When the CVD method is applied in graphene manufacturing, CH4 is often used as the carbon source. This method results in high-quality graphene with great homogeneity. Although the cost of CVD graphene is much higher compared with graphene nano-powder, it is considered to be a more promising material, since potential semiconductor applications it has. What’s more, the size of this single crystal graphene could be as large as 30cm now. CVD graphene is a real macroscale 2D material as the thickness is only 1 or a couple atom layers. Graphene touch panel that could be a band is the most promising application for CVD graphene in the near future.  



CVD Graphene Specification

Catalog No.






1 or 2

20~250 mm



1 or 2

20~100 mm



1 or 2

20~200 mm



1 or 2

20~100 mm

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CVD Graphene Packaging

Our CVD graphene is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


sc/1620372108-normal-Graphene Oxide Nanopowder.jpg

OX0173 Graphene Oxide Nanopowder: Thickness 0.7~1.2nm

sc/1620372183-normal-Graphene Oxide 5 Water Dispersion.jpg

OX0174 Graphene Oxide (5mg/mL, Water Dispersion)

sc/1620372571-normal-Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion 0.5.jpg

GR0178 Graphene Oxide Water Dispersion (0.5mg/mL)

sc/1620378946-normal-Graphene Nanopowder Diameter 100nm.jpg

GR0396 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter 100nm

GR0398 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter ~5um

GR0398 Graphene Nanopowder: Diameter ~5μm


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