HF0905 Hafnium Crystal Bar

Catalog No. HF0905
Standard ASTM B776
Purity Hf+Zr > 99.95%, Zr < 1%
Density 13.3 g/cm3
Appearance Silver metal
Melting Point 2227 C

Stanford Advanced Materials provides Hafnium products, such as Hafnium crystal bars, Hafnium wire, Hafnium pellets to our customers. We shall deliver high purity hafnium products at a competitive price. Multiple hafnium alloys including niobium-hafnium alloys products are also available.


High purity form of hafnium, such as crystal bar, is a silvery ductile metal. It has almost the same chemical properties with zirconium, including corrosion-resistant. Hf is rare and has larger density compared with zirconium and people are developing methods to separate them by density. Hafnium has strong ability to capture neutron, making it a great material for control rods in the nuclear reactors. Nuclear industry roughly consumes half of the Hf produced every year. However, the major commercial source for hafnium element is still the production of nuclear level zirconium. Hafnium is also used as additive to alloys and crystal bar is the best source for high purity hafnium. Hafnium crystal bars also used as raw material for high purity hafnium wire and hafnium targets. Hafnium wires and other Hf parts are also used in plasma cutting because of its ability to shed electrons into air. High purity hafnium wires could have better performance and are more durable than low purity products.

Hafnium crystal bars has a shing appearance and sometimes are bought as element collections. The light blue color of hafnium crystal bars make it different with zirconium crystal bars.



sc/1611805227-normal-4.gray powder.jpg

HF2988 Hafnium Hydride (CAS: 12770-26-2)

sc/1611806051-normal-Hafnium Hydroxide.jpg

HF2990 Hafnium Hydroxide (CAS: 12027-05-3)

sc/1611810905-normal-Hafnium(IV) Sulfate.jpg

HF2991 Hafnium(IV) Sulfate (CAS: 15823-43-5)

sc/1611811857-normal-Hafnium Titanate.jpg

HF2992 Hafnium Titanate (CAS: 12055-24-2)

sc/1614591527-normal-Hafnium(IV) Oxychloride Hydrate.jpg

HF3116 Hafnium(IV) Oxychloride Hydrate (CAS: 15461-28-6)

sc/1614592152-normal-2.Hafnium Telluride.jpg

HF3117 Hafnium Telluride (CAS: 39082-23-0)

sc/1614592538-normal-3. Hafnium Ditelluride (HfTe2) Crystals.jpg

HF3118 Hafnium Ditelluride Crystals (HfTe2 Crystals)

sc/1618475976-normal-Hafnium Oxide.jpg

HF3280 Hafnium Oxide HfO2 (CAS No. 12055-23-1)


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