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HF1198 Hafnium Pellets (Hf Pellets) Maximize

HF1198 Hafnium Pellets (Hf Pellets)

Catalog No.HF1198
SizeDiameter 0.2~10mm
StandardASTM B776
PurityHf+Zr > 99.95%, Zr < 1.5%
Density13.3 g/cm3
Melting Point2227 ℃

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Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) focuses on providing good quality of hafnium metal products, including a wide range of sizes or shapes. Customized products are also available according to the requests.

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Description of Hafnium Pellets

Hafnium is a silvery ductile metal. It has almost the same chemical properties and atomic radius with zirconium. Hafnium pellets are chopped from Hf wire. Thus hafnium wire became an important consumption for metal fabrication industries.

hafnium pellets hafnium pellets

Specification of Hafnium Pellets

Diameter: 1.5~2mm
Length: 3~5mm
Purity: 99.95%, Zr<1.5%


Applications of Hafnium Pellets

-As hafnium has a great ability to shed electrons into the air and has a high melting point, it is the crucial component of the electrode in plasma cutting.
-Hafnium also has a strong ability to capture a neutron, making it a great material for control rods in the nuclear reactors.
-Hafnium is also used as an additive to alloys.

Properties of  Hafnium Pellets

Symbol: Hf
Atomic Number: 72
Atomic Weight: 178.49
Density: 13.31 gm/cc
Melting Point: 2227 oC
Boiling Point: 4602 oC
Thermal Conductivity: 0.230 W/cm/K @ 298.2 K
Electrical Resistivity: 35.1 microhm-cm @ 25 oC
Electronegativity: 1.3 Paulings
Specific Heat: 0.035 Cal/g/K @ 25 oC
Heat of Vaporization: 155 K-Cal/gm atom at 4602 oC
Heat of Fusion: 6.0 Cal/gm mole
Thermal Neutron Cross Section: 115 Barns

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