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HF0906 Hafnium Wire

Catalog No.HF0906
SizeDiameter 0.2~10mm
StandardASTM B776
AppearanceSilvery metal
PurityHf+Zr > 99.95%, Zr < 1%
Density13.3 g/cm3
Melting Point2227 C

Stanford Advanced Materials provide Hafnium products, such as hafnium wireshafnium crystal bars, hafnium plates, discs, and hafnium foils to our customers. 99.95% high purity hafnium wire is available and it is a great material for plasma cutting tip. Multiple hafnium alloys including niobium-hafnium alloys products could be also purchased from SAM.



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Description of Hafnium Wires

Hafnium is a silvery ductile metal. It has almost the same chemical properties as zirconium, including corrosion-resistant. As hafnium has a great ability to shed electrons into the air and has a high melting point, it is the crucial component of the electrode in plasma cutting. Thus hafnium wire became an important consumption for metal fabrication industries. High purity hafnium wire has better durability in plasma cutting and a reliable source for low-cost high purity hafnium is important to make competitive plasma cutting electrodes.

Applications of Hafnium Wires

Hafnium also has a strong ability to capture the neutron, making it a great material for control rods in the nuclear reactors. and the nuclear industry roughly consumes half of the Hf produced every year. Hafnium is also used as an additive to alloys. Recently, scientists at Intel and IBM found hafnium-based compounds can be applied in gate insulators to make the processors even smaller. Hafnium wires and other Hf parts are also used in plasma cutting because of its ability to shed electrons into the air. Cut hafnium wire could be inserted into copper parts to make a cutting tip for the plasma cutter.

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