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IN2270 Indium Antimonide Wafer Maximize

IN2270 Indium Antimonide Wafer

Catalog No.IN2270
Thickness500 um
Conductive TypeN - type
DiameterØ 2" Ø 3"

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides a wide range of compound wafer including GaAs wafer, GaP wafer, GaSb wafer, InAs wafer, and InP wafer.

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Description of Indium Antimonide Wafer

Indium antimonide (InSb) is a crystalline compound made from the elements indium (In) and antimony (Sb). It is a narrow-gap semiconductor material from the III-V group used in infrared detectors, including thermal imaging cameras, FLIR systems, infrared homing missile guidance systems, and infrared astronomy. The indium antimonide detectors are sensitive between 1–5 µm wavelengths. Indium antimonide was a very common detector in the old, single-detector mechanically scanned thermal imaging systems. Another application is as a terahertz radiation source as it is a strong photo-Dember emitter.

IN2270 Indium Antimonide Wafer


Specifications of Indium Antimonide Wafer




Ø 2" / Ø 3"


500 um - 625 um


(100)+/- 0.5°

Off orientation

Off 2° to 10°


One side polished or two sides polished

Flat options

EJ or SEMI. Std .


(5.0-3.5)E5 cm2/Vs


<= 200 cm-2


Epi polished grade / mechanical grade


Single wafer container


Applications of Indium Antimonide Wafer

- Solar photovoltaic
- Integrated circuits
- Transistor

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