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IN0983 Indium Wire (In Wire)

Catalog No.IN0983
CAS Number7440-74-6
Chemical FormulaIn
Bulk Density(g/cm3)7.31
Melting Point156.6 °C

High puirty Indium wire is widely used as a vacuum seal and a thermal conductor in cryogenics and ultra-high vacuum applications. As a global supplier, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provide various diameters of indium wires with different purities.

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SAM Indium Wire Specifications
Purity: 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%
Diameter: 0.25mm - 6mm
Length: >10m
Impurity (/%): Cu <0.0003, Pb <0.0003, Zn <0.0003, Cd <0.0003, Fe <0.0003, Ti <0.0004, Sn <0.0008, As <0.0003, Al <0.0003

 Indium Wire Indium Wire

Typical Applications of Indium Wire
indium consumption by end user

Indium-tin-oxide (ITO) applications
As the pie chart shows, the rise of the flat panel display industry has made ITO the largest segment of the Indium market, becoming far larger than applications of indium foil, sheet and strip. 
-Indium-tin-oxide (ITO) sputtering targets
-ITO layers on glass applied in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology
-Light filter in low-pressure sodium vapor lamps
SAM_Indium tin oxide target SAM_Indium tin oxide target-2  SAM_ITO coated PET

Pure Indium metal applications
-Thin films to form lubricated layers
-Making particularly low melting point alloys (e.g. an alloy of 24% indium-76% gallium is liquid at room temperature)
-Vacuum seal and thermal interface material
-Control rods for nuclear reactors, typically in alloy of 80% silver, 15% indium and 5% cadmium
Indium Foil/Control rod(Silver-indium-cadmium alloys)  SAM_Indium Wire2

Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) application
-Thin film solar cells or high-efficiency photovoltaic cells
Indium Compounds
- indium antimonide          -indium phosphide          -indium nitride

Packing of Indium Wire
SAMs indium wire are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.
SAM_packaging_1    Packing of Indium wire

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SAM_Indium foil  SAM_Indium Ingot  SAM_Indium tin oxide target-3

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