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OX1684 Ferric Oxide-Crystalline (Fe2O3) Maximize

OX1684 Ferric Oxide-Crystalline (Fe2O3)

Catalog No.OX1684
Bulk Density(g/cm3)183
ColorSteel gray
Melting Point1390°C
Spec. Gravity5.29

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides high purity Ferric Oxide-Crystalline (Fe2O3). With our rich experience and good service in the industry of advanced materials, SAM is undoubtedly your first choice.

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Description of Ferric Oxide-Crystalline

A purified, naturally occurring mineral called specular hematite (Fe2O3). It is a blocky, heavy iron-based crystal and the most stable form of ferric oxide in a fully crystalline state. The product will not rust or oxidize as its crystalline composition makes it a stable form of the ferric oxide (Fe2O3).
(Fe2O3) Military Specifications Met:
Meets Mil-A-21380B Type I for aluminum oxide, and Mil-A-22262B(SH) for hull abrasives.
Crystalline (Fe2O3) Recyclable:
Recycles 3-6 times using conventional air-wash systems. Additional grit (approx.25%) must be added to the system to supplement degradation loss after each recycles.

Crystalline ferric oxide, Specular hematite, fe203, Specular red iron oxide, Specularite, Alaska black diamond, Specular jeweler's rouge, Iron oxide; Ferric oxide red; Iron (III) oxide; Rouge; Ferric oxide; Red iron oxide; C.I. 77491; Iron oxide (Fe2O3); Diiron trioxide; Pigment red 101; English iron oxide red; Iron oxide red; Ferric oxide fume; Ferric oxide, 99.99%; Iron(III) oxide dihydrate, Mil-A-21380B Type I, Mil-A-22262B(SH), CAS# 1309-37-1

Chemical Properties
Composition of ore: Iron= 70%, Oxygen= 30%, and Crystalline silica= 0.5% max.
Physical Properties
Lumps, granules, 10 x 20 mesh, 12 x 50 mesh, and various powder granulations custom size reduced down to ~ 1 micron

Typical Applications of Ferric Oxide-Crystalline

Abrasive blasting. A replacement for silica-containing products

Packaging of Ferric Oxide-Crystalline

50 lbs. bags, poly-lined fiber drums, bulk bags, and loose bulk

Specifications of Ferric Oxide-Crystalline



Free Flow


Bulk Density (lbs./ft3)


Melting Point (°C)


Conductivity (micromhos / cm)


Oil Content


Weight Change On Ignition

 + 0.04%

Mohs Hardness (80% minimum) 

 6 to 7.5

Specific Gravity



Steel gray


Angular & uniform

Classification of Ferric Oxide-Crystalline

Ferric Oxide, Crystalline (Fe2O3) TSCA (SARA Title III) Status
Ferric Oxide, Crystalline (Fe2O3) CAS Number: CAS# 1309-37-1

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