FE1700 Zero Valent Iron Powder (ZVI Powder)

Catalog No. FE1700
Color Gray
Melting Point 1535 °C
Boiling point 2750 °C
Molecular Weight 55.85

Zero Valent Iron Powder (ZVI Powder) is a highly reactive, remediation grade powder used for the degradation of a wide range of organic contaminants in groundwaters. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading supplier of Zero Valent Iron Powder.


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Zero Valent Iron Powder Description

Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) Powder CAS Number:
a) Iron metal= 7439-89-6
b) Carbonyl iron= 13463-40-6
c) Cast iron powder= 7439-89-6
Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) Powder UN Number: 3089

Chemical Properties: 95+% and 99%.
Physical Properties:
Granular iron (-8+50 mesh / coarse sand-sized)
Density: 2.2-3.6 g/cm3
Molar Mass: 55.85
Odor: Odorless
Solubility in Water: Insoluble
Color: Grey
Vapor Pressure: N/A

Zero Valent Iron Powder Specifications

Material Iron Carbon Silicon Manganese Nickel Copper Sulphur Phosphorous Molybdenum
% Composition 94% to 99% less than 3.0% less than 2.5% less than 0.8% less than 0.20% less than 0.20% less than 0.15% less than 0.15% less than 0.15%


The Common ZVI Sizes 8/50 8/50 14D 50D
Typical applications PRB Trenching & Drilling F Coarse PRB Trenching & Drilling Pumping & Fracking Drilling, Injection, Pumping & Fracking

Zero Valent Iron Powder Application

a) To dechlorinate TCE/PCE in contaminated groundwater
b) Chemical transformation of halogenated organic compounds (HOCs)
c) In-situ sediment remediation of PCB's
d) ZVI is fairly reactive in water and can serve as an excellent electron donor
e) Remediation of wastewater, drinking water, surface water, irrigation water, waste stream, soil stabilization, marine sediment treatment and agricultural amendment treatment.
Pre-mixed liquids
Disperse widely in the subsurface aquifers
Excellent reactivity
Extended longevity


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