PD1706 Lanthanum Carbide (LaC2) Powder (CAS No. 12071-15-7)

Catalog No. PD1706
Purity 99% ~ 99.9%
Chemical Formula LaC2
Color yellow crystalline pieces
Density 5.29 g/cm3
Appearance tetrahedral crystals
Melting Point 2360°C

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Lanthanum carbide (LaC2) is a chemical compound. One way in which it is manufactured is through a process of diffusion and evaporation of graphite and lanthanum metal in a DC arc furnace.
Lanthanum carbide is a water-reactive and a flammable solid.


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Chemical Properties

Nominal Chemistry: La 85.256 % C 14.743 %

Physical Properties

Sintered pieces, targets, and coarse powder

Typical Applications

Used to study the manufacture of certain types of superconductors and nanotubes


Usually to customer specification


Molar Mass  (g/mol.)


Density (g/cm3)


Melting Point (°C)


Boiling Point (°C)


Specific Surface Area (m2/g)



yellow crystalline pieces


Van der Waals Radius


Atom Radius


Electronic Configuration

[Xe] 5d1 6s2

Space Group

D174h, I4/mmm, tI6


tetrahedral crystals


Lanthanum Carbide Powder TSCA (SARA Title III) Status: Listed. A flammable solid
Lanthanum Carbide Powder CAS Number: CAS# 12071-15-7
Lanthanum Carbide Powder UN Number: 3132


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