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CY0477 Neodymium-doped Gadolinium Orthovanadate (Nd:GdVO4) Maximize

CY0477 Neodymium-doped Gadolinium Orthovanadate (Nd:GdVO4)

Catalog No.CY0477
Surface Quality 10/5 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B

Nd: GdVO4 (Neodymium-doped Gadolinium Orthovanadate) is an excellent material for diode-pumped lasers. It combines great advantages in many basic properties, featuring large stimulated emission cross-section, high absorption coefficient, and wide bandwidth at the pump wavelength. It is a good choice for high power diode-pumped solid-state lasers.

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Nd: GdVO4 Specifications

Dopant Concentration

Nd: 1.0 atm% , 0.5%

Wavefront Distortion

< λ/8 at 633 nm

Scattering Sites

Invisible, probed with a He-Ne laser


+/-0.5 deg.

Dimensional Tolerance


Surface Quality

10/5 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B


λ/10 at 633 nm

Clear Aperture

> Central 90%


< 10 arc sec.


AR or HR coating



1. To inquire or order a finished crystal, please provide specifications as listed above. For most applications, we only need to know the following:

1) Nd-dopant concentration;  2) Sizes;  3) Surface quality;  4) Coating.

2. For special requests, please provide a detailed specification for evaluation and fabrication.

Send us an inquiry now to find out more information and the latest prices,thanks!

Please include item quantity, size and purity.

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