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CY0481 Titanium-doped Sapphire Crystal (Ti:Sapphire) Maximize

CY0481 Titanium-doped Sapphire Crystal (Ti:Sapphire)

Catalog No.CY0481

Titanium-doped sapphire (Ti:sapphire) crystals have excellent physical and optical properties. These crystals have an absorption band in the green region and can be used in medical laser systems, lidars and laser spectroscopy. Stanford Advanced Materials(SAM) has successfully grown large (Dia.120mm x length 80mm) Ti:Sapphire by employing Temperature Gradient Technique (TGT) methods.

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Ti:Sapphire Specifications


Optical axis C normal to rod axis


Ti2O3 Concentration

0.06 - 0.2wt %


Figure Of Merit

100~300(>300 available on special requests)





Path Length



End Configurations

Flat/Flat or Brewster/Brewster ends



<λ/10 @ 633 nm



<10 arc sec 


Surface Finishing

<10/5 scratch/dig to MIL-O-13830A


Wavefront Distortion

<λ/4 per inch



1. To inquire or order a finished crystal, please provide specifications as listed above. For most applications, we only need to know the following:

1) Nd-dopant concentration;  2) Sizes;  3) Surface quality;  4) Coating.

2. For special requests, please provide a detailed specification for evaluation and fabrication.

Send us an inquiry now to find out more information and the latest prices,thanks!

Please include item quantity, size and purity.

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