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LM1299 Lithium Vanadate (LiVO3) Maximize

LM1299 Lithium Vanadate (LiVO3)

Catalog No.LM1299
CAS Number15060-59-0
Chemical FormulaLiVO3
Melting Point>400°С
Formula Weight105.88

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides Lithium Vanadate (LiVO3) at a competitive price. We’ve been specialized in supplying high-quality lithium compounds for over two decades.

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Description of Lithium Vanadate 

Lithium Vanadate Powder appears as a white powder. It is also an electrode material for lithium-ion batteries with high rate discharge capability and an excellent cyclability.
Nanoparticles, nanodots or nanopowder of lithium vanadate are spinels, high surface area particles.

Synonym: Lithium Vanadium Oxide; Lithium Metavanadate; Lithium Vanadium Trioxide; Lithium Vanadium Trioxide; Lithium, Oxygen(-2) anion, Vanadium; Lithium, Oxygen(-2) anion, Vanadium(+5) Cation

lithium vanadate

Specifications of Lithium Vanadate 

Purity: ≥99%
CAS: 15060-59-0
Melting Point: >400°С
Form: powder, nanoparticles
Storage Condition: Store at room temperature


Applications of Lithium Vanadate 

Lithium Vanadate Powder now can be used:

-Developing polymer lithium-ion (PLI) batteries
-In a composite cathode for rechargeable lithium batteries to accelerate charge and discharge time as well as for their other potential catalytic, dielectric, magnetic, electrical, optical, biomedical and bioscience properties
-In coatings, nanowires, nanofibers, plastics, and textiles
-In alloy and catalyst applications


Packing of Lithium Vanadate 

Our Lithium Vanadate Powder is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


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