Magnesium Metals

Magnesium has a silvery white luster and is slightly malleable. Magnesium has a low density and a high ionization tendency.
Magnesium Metal

About Magnesium Metals

Nano Magnesium Powder, Micro Magnesium Powder, High Purity Magnesium Ingot, High Purity Magnesium Lump.

Purity: >99%

Magnesium, celebrated for its lightweight nature and exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, is a versatile material with diverse applications. Our Magnesium Metals offer varying particle sizes and purity levels to cater to specific needs, ranging from precision engineering to advanced research.

Our Magnesium Metals Portfolio:

Nano Magnesium Powder: A finely crafted powder with particles at the nanoscale, offering enhanced reactivity and surface area for applications in catalysts, additives, and advanced materials.

Micro Magnesium Powder: Precision-engineered micro-sized powder ideal for metallurgical processes, pyrotechnics, and additive manufacturing.

High Purity Magnesium Ingot: A superior-grade ingot with purity levels exceeding 99%, designed for precision casting, alloy production, and research-grade applications.

High Purity Magnesium Lump: Larger pure magnesium lumps for applications requiring controlled melt processes, alloy experimentation, and specialized projects.

Why Choose Our Magnesium Metals?

Purity and Quality Assurance: Our magnesium metals are produced to the highest purity standards, ensuring minimal impurities and consistent quality.

Diverse Applications: From additive manufacturing to metallurgy, research to precision casting, our magnesium metals find applications in a wide array of industries.

Custom Solutions: We offer tailored solutions to match your specific requirements, from particle size distribution to purity levels, ensuring optimal integration into your projects.

Applications of Magnesium Metals:

Additive Manufacturing: Magnesium powders serve as feedstock in 3D printing, producing lightweight and durable parts.

Metallurgy: Magnesium metals play a vital role in alloy production, enhancing the properties of various materials.

Research and Development: High-purity magnesium is a staple in laboratories for studying material behavior and conducting experiments.

Casting and Precision Engineering: Magnesium ingots and lumps provide the foundation for precision casting and specialized engineering projects.


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