MF2366 Titanium Fiber Felt (Ti)

Catalog No. MF2366
Symbol Ti
Purity >99.9%
Appearance Silver grey metallic fiber felt
Porosity 75-78%

Titanium fiber felt can be customized and produced with various specifications and performances according to customer requirements.

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Titanium Fiber Felt Description

Titanium fiber felt is made by a special laying process and a special ultra-high temperature vacuum sintering process. Compared with titanium powder sintered plate, Ti fiber felt has an excellent three-dimensional network, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area, uniform pore size distribution, special pressure, and corrosion resistance, and can be rolled and processed. Titanium fiber felts are widely used in military, aerospace, civil, medical care, and other industries abroad.

Titanium fiber felts are primarily used in electrolyzer stacks as the flow field or diffuser material, particularly on the oxygen (anode) side.  

Titanium Fiber Felt Specifications 


Titanium Fiber Felt Applications

Titanium Fiber Felt can be used in the following applications:

- Electrolyzer stacks
- Diffusion medium


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MF2789 Sintered Filter Disc

sc/1635407948-normal-SS316 Sintered Wire Mesh.png

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sc/1635408310-normal-SS316L Sintered Wire Mesh.png

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sc/1635408577-normal-SS904 Sintered Wire Mesh.png

SS3741 SS904 Sintered Wire Mesh

sc/1635409232-normal-Duplex Steel 2205 Sintered Wire Mesh.png

SS3742 Duplex Steel 2205 Sintered Wire Mesh


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